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"What Do I Have and is it Right For Me?"

Does that sound familiar? It will to many of you. There are countless decisions you must make to build a dependable investment portfolio that will benefit from market upswings and weather downturns.

  • How do you decide whether to buy an individual stock, a mutual fund, treasuries, commodities, or just leave your money in your savings account?
  • What are the costs and tax implications of the investments you select?
  • Which types of investments should you hold in your retirement accounts vs. your brokerage accounts?
  • Should I be using annuity products?
  • How do you sort through the conflicting advice you read in the media?

It’s enough to make your head spin. Some people end up putting small amounts in many different investments to make sure they’ve covered all the bases. Others put the majority of their assets in one or two places rather than deal with investment decisions. Others freeze and do nothing.


In a well-constructed portfolio, each investment should fulfill a specific function and should be appropriate for your unique situation.

To create a better investment strategy that will serve you for your lifetime Taconic Advisors will:

  • Thoroughly discuss your goals before making investment recommendations;
  • Look at all the financial risks you are taking before determining your appropriate level of investment risk;
  • Review all your accounts and determine not just the right asset allocation but also the right asset location (which investments should be in which accounts);
  • Consider all other components of your financial planning, including your tax return.
  • Keep what is right for you. Why throw out the baby with the bathwater?
  • Prepare all paperwork and help you consolidate accounts.

Astute investing is not a haphazard exercise. When your investment decisions are backed by a written plan and are properly balanced, objectively chosen, and periodically reviewed, you’ll feel better and more confident.