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Estate Planning

Difficult Questions. Informed Answers.

Estate planning goes well beyond making a will. It involves decisions in many different areas, including the naming of a guardian for minor children and special provisions for mentally or physically disabled children, medical directives and other end-of-life considerations, how to minimize or eliminate estate taxes, how to best handle gifts or bequests to charities, whether a trust is right for your situation, and how to most effectively transfer ownership of a small business.

We are not attorneys and cannot write a will for you. We will evaluate with you the pertinent estate issues that impact your life and consider choices that you can then implement with your attorney.

Common questions that we can help address include:

  • Are your beneficiaries up-to-date and will your plan transfer assets efficiently?
  • Will taxes or probate costs unnecessarily reduce your estate?
  • Have you legally appointed someone to make decisions for you if you are unable to make them for yourself?
  • Are you concerned about possible conflicts among your family members after you are gone?

It can be uncomfortable to think about death and its impact on your relationships and the wealth that took a lifetime to build. But if you don’t set aside some time to plan, the government has a plan that might not be to your liking. Once you put yourself in the driver’s seat, you’ll feel better.